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Logistics Services / Intermodal

What sets our intermodal services apart

By leveraging successful intermodal service in your supply chain, you can gain more options for moving shipments. C.H. Robinson's intermodal and rail services mean you can:

  • Improve efficiency and manage spend by building a route neutral shipping strategy that is based on your freight.
  • Access intermodal rail container capacity—surge, spot, or committed.
  • Leverage our Class 1 Railroad relationships and private fleet so you're not dependent on specific railroads.
  • Trust dedicated experts from a Top 5 IMC to help analyze your intermodal and rail shipping data for continuous improvements.

When it comes to capacity, intermodal shipping complements and enhances the services you already rely on. Together, let's make intermodal and rail shipping a strong part of your ongoing shipping strategy.


  • Consolidation
  • Cross-border
  • Drayage & port services
  • FTL & ISO


  • Container tracking through GPS
  • Drop trailer
  • Expedited
  • Hazmat
  • High risk/high value
  • Multi-stop

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