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Technology & Electronics Logistics

Industries / Technology & Electronics Logistics

Technological breakthroughs come with new customer expectations

We're on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution. New and growing technologies continue to blur the lines between what's physical, digital, and biological. As technology advances and customer expectations shift, this becomes an increasingly difficult industry to set your company apart.

Customer satisfaction starts with the supply chain. In today's world, one missed order out of one million can lead to devastating backlash on social media. Our logistics experts know that on time delivery, consistent carriers, and real time analysis and integration of data are what you need to compete.

Delivering a seamless, omnichannel experience requires full visibility and integration across your company


Meet one of our technology and electronics logistics experts

Chris's role at C.H. Robinson is unique. He physically works at the office of his customer. As an onsite account manager for a large technology and electronics company, he focuses on integrating tracking and communication technology to promote real time supply chain visibility.

Prior to working for C.H. Robinson, Chris was a professional soccer player for the Colorado Rapids. This uncommon experience helps Chris bring a level of fun and competitiveness to his role.

What can Chris do for your business?

What's trending in technology & electronics logistics?

Top 5 global shipping trends that will influence 2018

When it comes to shipping technology, global considerations must stay top of mind. Reviewing the top five global shipping trends of 2018 can help you plan for the year ahead.

Planning may be key to better carrier acceptance

Securing equipment for tomorrow isn't ideal. Companies that increase lead times by as little as 24 or 48 hours often notice a drastically better carrier experience.
Helping Businesses of All Sizes Access the C.H. Robinson Network

Helping Businesses of All Sizes Access the C.H. Robinson Network

We live in an on-demand world. When consumers click to purchase a product one day, they expect it to be on their doorstep the next—or even sooner. The ...